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Add zoning control to your home

Most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, so why not feel as comfortable as possible when you are in your home? A zone system can do that for you.


It is impossible for one thermostat to give total comfort throughout every room in the home. So why not control your inside temperatures like you do your lights? Zoning divides your home into areas in which you control the temperature with separate thermostats. This allows you to set a desired temperature in one zone and another temperature in another zone.

Automatic dampers are installed in the ductwork for each zone. A thermostat controls the damper, the damper closes when the correct temperature has been reached in that zone, but air can flow into the next one until that zone has reached its desired temperature.


Not only do you have comfort with a zone system, but you can also save up to 30% off your heating and cooling costs. Why heat or cool areas that are not always being used? This wastes energy and money.


Zoning is the answer for total temperature control and energy savings.

How zoning works

Make controlling heating and cooling from room to room a snap!

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